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  • Highest quality full set of vestments
  • Lightweight woven with silky texture
  • Tailored to your measurements
  • Free shipping worldwide
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Complete set of Liturgical Greek Orthodox Vestments that includes:

  • Sticharion
  • Phelonion (Chasuble)
  • Epigonation (Palitsa)
  • Epitrachelion (Stole)
  • Epimanikia (Cuffs)
  • Zone (Belt)

Type: Woven

Our woven vestments are made of cool-wool and viscose fabrics that provide exceptional insulating qualities towards summer’s heat and winter’s cold thus they are suitable for all seasons. Lightweight with silky texture this type of vestments do not shrink.

Guaranteed to be made using the highest quality materials by our expert personnel. Hand-made and tailored to your measurements. After placing an order you will receive a detailed easy-to-fill form where you should fill out your measurements. We will need the completed form back in order to tailor your vestments on your measurements.

Please allow approx. 20 business days before shipment.

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