Quick lighting charcoal tablets 22mm

Quick Lighting Charcoal Tablets 22mm


Quick Lighting Charcoal Tablets 35mm

Quick lighting charcoal tablets 35mm

Quick Lighting Charcoal Tablets 27mm


  • Made of natural wood
  • Ideal to burn incense at the Church
  • 20 rolls – 6 tablets per roll – 120 tables total
  • Quick lighting – slow burning
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Box of charcoal tablets (Malevitis)
Quick lighting charcoals made of natural wood
Box contains 20 rolls – Each roll has 6 tablets (diameter: 27mm)
A total of 120 tablets!
Total weight of each box: 0.630Kg

These tablets are ideal for burning incense at home or at the Church
They can also be used for Shisha and Hookah Pipes

Quick lighting – very slow burning – minimal smoke if any
Each tablet can last for 40-60 minutes

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