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Lords Prayer Cross (small)

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Prayer Gift Set


  • Complete prayer set
  • Includes censer, tongs, coal tablets & incense
  • Perfect gift for a Christian friend
  • Free worldwide shipping!

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Beautiful gift set for your Christian friend or for your own prayer corner. Complete set! You will receive the following:

1) Quality censer / incense burner. Beautiful polished brass censer, 12cm high (4.72 inches) with a cross on top

2) Handmade Brass Tongs. Use it safely with incense and charcoals. Solid brass with beautiful engraved details. Length: 11cm | 4.33 inches

3) Two rolls of Greek-made charcoal tablets. Each roll has 6 tablets (diameter: 22mm). Ideal for burning incense with your censer. Quick lightening, slow burning, minimal smoke if any

4) 30gr (approx 1.05 oz) of premium Gardenia incense for Church or home use. Hand crafted incense produced in Greece with the finest materials and pure natural oils. When burned it creates a strong, sweet and distinctive aroma. Made according to the standards of the traditional Athonite recipes.

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