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Saint Cyprian Church Incense

Saint Cyprian Ιncense

Natural Frankincense


  • Natural Frankincense resin tears
  • Wild harvested from Ethiopia
  • No additional ingredients, 100% organic
  • Strong, sweet and distinctive aroma
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Natural Frankincense

100% Pure & Natural Frankincense resin tears, wild harvested from Ethiopian Boswellia trees. Does not have any added ingredients, just 100% pure frankincense. When burned it creates a strong, sweet and distinctive aroma.

For best results, incense should be placed right on top of a glowing red hot charcoal covered with grayish-white ash. Premium incense should leave minimal dust.

Available in two sizes per weight
1) 500 gr | 17.63 oz
2) 1 Kg (1000 gr) | 35.27 oz

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