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Jesus Epigonation (White)


Resurrection Epigonation

Anastasis Epigonation Resurrection

Jesus Epigonation (Red)


  • Embroidered on a drawloom
  • Top quality threads and clusters
  • Item made in Greece
  • Free shipping!
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Highest quality epigonation embroidered on a drawloom. Made in Greece with the best available threads and clusters.

The epigonation (Greek: ἐπιγονάτιον), or palitza (Russian: палица), or Shield is a vestment used in Eastern Christian churches. It is a stiff, lozenge shaped cloth that hangs on the right side of the body below the waist.

This vestment depicts our Lord Jesus Christ and has a red background

Size 28cm x 27cm | 11.02inches x 10.62inches

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