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Greek Anteri Classic Line

Greek Style Anteri

Greek Anteri Cretan Line


  • Highest quality inner cassock
  • Five different fabrics to choose
  • Tailored to your measurements
  • Free shipping worldwide
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Highest quality inner cassock, Anteri or Zostiko hand-made and tailored to your measurements. This is the traditional Classic Cretan line produced in Greece.

Five different fabrics to choose from:

  1. Poplin (100% natural cotton)
  2. Cool Wool
  3. Koshibo
  4. Fresco (Terylene)
  5. Maroken

Please specify which fabric we shall use and allow approx 8 days to complete your project.

Important! Upon your order you will be sent a detailed easy to fill form where you should fill out your measurements. We will need the completed form back in order to tailor your anteri on your measurements.

This Greek version of the inner cassock is somewhat fuller, gathered at the waist with a cord, and with a high collar buttoned in the front. The inner cassock is usually worn by all clergy under their liturgical vestments.


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