50 Knots Prayer Rope

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Blue Prayer Rope

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  • Greek Prayer Rope
  • 50 knots of natural wool
  • Black thread with black & silver beads
  • 100% handmade!
  • Free worldwide shipping!
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50 knots Orthodox Prayer Rope (Komboskini).

Made by natural wool, this prayer rope has 50 knots, black and silver-colored beads as pictured and a knotted cross at the bottom.

100% handmade thus the item you will receive might have a tiny variation

Made in Greece!

Greek: κομποσκοίνι, komboskini
Russian: чётки, chotki, вервица, vervitsa
Romanian: metanii, metanier
Serbian: бројаница, broyanitsa
Bulgarian: броеница, broyenitsa

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